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Benefits and costs

Industrial Rope Access is well suited for performing Ultrasonic (UT), Magnetic Particle (MT), Liquid Penetrant (PT), Radiographic Inspections, and Imagescope examinations. The equipment required is relatively compact and can be easily carried by our technicians into difficult and awkward locations. CPS crews work quickly and efficiently making maximum use of each calendar day while reducing overall costs and interruptions to normal operations.
Using rope access in setting up
Radiography (RT) shots, and performing Ultrasonic thickness measurements (UT) in pipe racks at petrochemical refineries has shown a 40% realized cost savings.
However, the most dramatic cost savings is demonstrated by projects that normally involve relatively high scaffolding costs for a few points of UT such as nozzles on a column or inspection of an overhead line where savings can often be as much as
60% to 90% over traditional access methods. The savings are realized through elimination of scaffolding and reduction of total project time.
Our Rope Access Crews are inspectors and technicians who have been trained and
accredited in Industrial Rope Access and certified in accordance with SNT or EN. This means that one CPS crew can do it all. They access the site and do the work. There is no large machinery or heavy equipment - just one team of specialist who can get the job done safely and cost effectively.

Imagine this amount of scaffolding �compared with IRATA technician.

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